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Australian Eggs is a member owned not-for-profit company providing marketing and research & development (R&D) services for the benefit of Australian egg farmers.

Australian Eggs have been with innoweb since 2013. We started supporting them with their existing site at the time and since then we built their site when they went through a rebranding from Australian Egg Corporation Limited to Australian Eggs Limited in 2017.

In 2020 Australian Eggs approached us to upgrade their site to Silverstripe 4. At the same time they wanted to re-design the site to improve navigation and usability.


We re-built the website using Silverstripe 4, implementing the new design developed by Soul+Wolf. We made sure that all the existing functionality and amazing content the organisation already had was migrated over to the new site and design. Additionally, we implemented new features required by the business to cater for their audience of both consumers and egg farmers. Finally, we moved the whole platform to a new server environment to make sure the platform serves its purpose for the years to come.

The new website presents information and resources in a visually appealing way that traverses Australian Eggs’ need to engage consumers, provide resources for farmers and meet the organisation’s responsibilities under its statutory funding agreement with the federal government.

The navigation and usability of the site has been improved and accessibility has also been taken into account when building the site. All relevant information like blog posts, recipes, ratings, videos, FAQs and Q&As are exposed using json+ld to help Google and other search engines better understand the content of the site.

Australian Eggs had been using Silverstripe CMS for their previous sites and were very happy with its flexibility and usability. The very flexible nature of Silverstripe allowed us to build a robust and quite complex site, keeping the administration interface for content authors nice and clean.


  • Fast loading and responsive frontend design
  • Integration of json+ld for blog posts, recipes, ratings, videos, FAQs and Q&As for better SEO performance
  • Farmer login section for internal documentation
  • Farmer feedback function to encourage active two-way communication between Australian Eggs and its members
  • Site and specific section search for searching site content
  • Elemental content blocks to give more flexibility to content authors to set up their pages
  • Sub themes to allow specific sections of the site to have their own look & feel (e.g. education and sustainability report)

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  • Development,
  • Maintenance & Support,
  • SEO,
  • SilverStripe

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