We are your SilverStripe CMS development partner in Sydney

At Innoweb, we use SilverStripe CMS as our main tool to develop websites. That’s because SilverStripe CMS allows us to build websites and applications that cater for your target markets. SilverStripe is the most flexible solution out there and helps us build the website you and your brand need, not what some platform dictates.

To succeed with your business, you want a website that reflects your brand's personality, values and points of difference. You want something as unique as your business. And that’s exactly what you get with a website built on SilverStripe CMS.

We are a SilverStripe Professional Partner based in Sydney and cater for all sorts of businesses and organisations.

We make it easy for

  • Agencies & Corporations

    If you’re with an agency or a larger corporation with its own team of designers and in-house marketers, we can work with your team, taking care of the technical aspects.

  • Small & Medium Businesses

    If you have a smaller business, we take care of the entire development package, start to finish. We put together the best team of experts for your website and organise the team. You’ll only have one point of contact.

SilverStripe CMS gives you control over your website - and saves money

Whether it's a simple brochure website or a complex online shop you're after, SilverStripe CMS is for you. Unlike other platforms, SilverStripe offers you complete control over your website. That’s exactly the kind of flexibility you need for your website to act as a powerful marketing tool.

SilverStripe’s rich set of tools and features create a cost-effective way to maintain your online business and always keep it up to date, saving you money from the get go and in the long run.

Keep adding value to your website

As your business changes, so should your website. Because SilverStripe is a very flexible system, we can build a wide range of functionality including:

  • e-commerce solutions
  • social media connectivity
  • blogs
  • site search
  • image galleries
  • event, news and other pages
  • integrations into other systems, like CRM and Product Information Management software (PIM)

All functionality is organised in modules, which means that they can be included when the site is built or added later on.

Using SilverStripe CMS, we can optimise your website’s performance and extend core features to suit your website’s needs. And as your site evolves, we are there to enhance the code, always keeping up with your current requirements.

Why you’ll love SilverStripe

Released in 2006, SilverStripe is open source and powers over 50,000 sites world-wide. SilverStripe is used by many well-known brands and organisations, like the Ian Potter Foundation, Gordon Ramsay, Juicy, Lenovo, NSW Government and Westpac NZ.

Over 400 freelancers and agencies use SilverStripe CMS for their site development globally and there are around 50 of them Australia. This means that you're not locked in with an agency once your website is built as any SilverStripe developer can pick it up and work with it.

SilverStripe is:

  • User-friendly: You don't have to be a geek to be able to use SilverStripe quickly and efficiently.
  • Focused on content: SilverStripe can help with strategy, migration and managing content across a number of disparate sites, systems and technologies.
  • Standards compliant: SilverStripe is built with best practices in mind ‒ it's easy to make and keep your site compliant with W3C web and accessibility standards.
  • Secure and scalable: SilverStripe is extremely scalable and grows with your needs.
  • Cost-effective: SilverStripe is open source and free to use.
  • Flexible: The modern SilverStripe architecture allows us to build interactive, sophisticated sites and applications and is completely extendable for your specific needs.
  • Supported: SilverStripe has a fast-growing international reputation with over one million downloads to date and a global community of developers.
  • Easy to track: You can easily track your edits with version history, and manage different levels of access for editing pages of your website.

We can help you with existing SilverStripe projects

Sometimes you need help with a project you’ve already started. Because our team in Sydney knows SilverStripe inside out, it’s easy for us to pick up an existing project and get it to where you want it to be. As a SilverStripe Professional Partner we are happy to help.

Maybe you were working on a SilverStripe project with someone who’s no longer on the team, or maybe you’ve started one and need some advice, or don’t have the time to finish. Whatever the case, we can pick up the torch and help you finish your SilverStripe project.

Feel free to drop me a message about your current project: florian.thoma@innoweb.com.au

Pair with a SilverStripe partner

Our highly skilled SilverStripe development team is based in Sydney and always keen to hear about interesting new challenges.

As a SilverStripe Professional Partner, we’re intimately familiar with what’s achievable with this award-winning CMS. Being closely connected with its creators, we can help you with everything SilverStripe-related.

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