We're keeping the promise: Industry Leader Award

Posted by Florian Thoma

client heartbeat award 2014 07We have just been awarded the Client Heartbeat "Industry Leader Award" for the Web Consultants & Designers Industry in Australia for the third time in a row! Thanks to all our customers for that amazing overall rating of 9.3/10 for customer satisfaction.

Through an independent evaluation process that surveyed customers from Web Design firms across Australia, Innoweb Pty Ltd has placed number one for customer satisfaction. This is an outstanding achievement. We scored an overall rating of 9.3/10.

For this achievement, the company has been officially recognised by Client Heartbeat, a customer satisfaction tool used by businesses across the US, UK and Australia.

The "Industry Leader Award" is the highest symbol of recognition awarded by Client Heartbeat. Companies winning this award have the highest overall customer satisfaction levels in their respective Industries.

Client Heart Beat Award