SilverStripe Upgrades by a SilverStripe Professional Partner

Why should you upgrade your SilverStripe site?

SilverStripe is being developed all the time. The core team at SilverStripe Ltd as well as many contributors around the world are working hard to make SilverStripe even better all the time. Every new version comes with many new and exciting features. The current stable release, SilverStripe version 4 was released in November 2017 with many new exciting features.

But while SilverStripe are working on the next big release of SilverStripe 5, there are many smaller releases throughout the year with enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. For security reasons it is important to keep your website up-to-date with the latest releases.

Only the latest SilverStripe versions get updates

After adopting semantic versioning with version 3.2, the release cycle of SilverStripe has become more reliable and more predictable. But it also means that older versions of SilverStripe are not maintained for as long as they used to be. SilverStripe Ltd has released a support timeline on their website which helps to plan necessary upgrades to existing sites.

When support ends for a specific version, there will not be any further security updates for that version. This means that a website running on that old version needs to be upgraded to make sure it is still secure.

All SilverStripe 3 versions have reached their end-of-life a while ago. If your website still runs on SilverStripe 3 get in touch with us to discuss an upgrade.

In order to keep your website up-to-date with the latest features and security releases, we recommend upgrading any old websites to the latest SilverStripe version.

New versions usually also include improvements to the administration interface which make managing your website even easier.

How we can help upgrading your website

Every SilverStripe website is different. That's why we will closely work with you to plan the upgrade and identify possible issues.

We will upgrade your website to the latest stable release of SilverStripe including all modules and custom code. We will replace old modules by new ones where needed and we will find solutions for modules that don't exist for the new version anymore.

And since we're already touching the code of your website, if you need anything changed just let us know.