Mediahouse is a full-service Australian events-broadcasting company, founded by video engineer, Scott Gorman. Mediahouse has been delivering live-streaming solutions to organisations for over 15 years, helping companies to establish productive content workflow through staff training, studio creation, and facilitating live online content delivery.

Mediahouse approached us for the rebuild of their content delivery platform attend.mediahouse.com.au. They were using an old version of Silverstripe CMS on their old site and needed an upgrade to Silverstripe 4 as well as improvements of their streaming platform.


Using Silverstripe 4 we built a streaming platform to cater for their content delivery needs.

Videos can be streamed from Vimeo or YouTube or any other video streaming platform. In an optional sidebar, the client can chose to display question forms, chats, or any other embedded content.

Each client gets their own unique theme to fit with their corporate identity. To cater for individual needs, each of these themes is custom built, rather than customisable via the CMS. Each theme supports all functionality of the platform, e.g. menus, user registration and the sidebar. On top of that, each theme can have specific functionality, like a changeable logo.

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