Pyrotek is a leading manufacturer and specialist supplier of advanced materials including noise, vibration and thermal control materials. Pyrotek Pty Ltd is a division of the global parent company Pyrotek Inc. Established in Australia in 1972, Pyrotek Pty Ltd design and manufacture a wide variety of materials and solutions to solve common noise and vibration problems found in many industries. Their in-house engineering services mean they produce highly specialised, customised soundproofing systems to meet unique noise reduction needs.

A good website that works well on any device is a key tool for sales and marketing of any company. The aim of the new website was to showcase the business of Pyrotek in the new global brand standard on a platform that was easy to use and demonstrate their solutions to a more aesthetic industrial market, and position them as the leader in their field.


We built a fully responsive site using Silverstripe to showcase Pyrotek’s innovative products and solutions in an intuitive, and easy to navigate platform.

We worked closely with their in house designer to build a website that heroes the unique products and solutions offered by Pyrotek, as well as build in smart functionality in the background to allow the website to grow and be built upon over time.

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