BAC Systems


After we had already built the old BAC website in 2012, Walter Bachmann from BAC Systems approached us for the re-design. The design of the old website was dated and needed a transformation into the modern age. Mobile optimisation and SEO were important boxes to tick. And since the staff at BAC was already used to using Silverstripe CMS it was clear that the new website should use the same system.


Keeping the good parts of the old website we have created a very simple and clean design with all the features a modern website should have. We have upgraded and extended the functionality of the old website using the latest version of Silverstripe CMS giving the customer a solution that will last for the next few years.

Because BAC Systems maintain multiple websites, one of which is an online shop, we built the CMS using a Multisites setup. This lets BAC manage multiple sites from one CMS.

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